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TeamViewer eyes Indian market for growth

Germany-based remote connectivity software solutions company, TeamViewer, is planning to ramp up its India business by targeting small and medium enterprises and corporates.

TeamViewer’s services allow remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer across devices. Its prime market in terms of turnover remains the US, while Germany and Australia are other big markets. Future growth will come from large Asian markets such as India and China.

TeamViewer reported a global turnover of €230 million (over ₹1,800 crore ) and a “double-digit growth” in 2018.

The India operations of the company began in October last year . According to Karl Markgraf, Chief Operations Officer, TeamViewer GmbH, its India strategy includes opting for “local pricing” (of services).

The prices are expected to be 10-15 per cent lower than global rates. This apart, another strategy involves improving local presence through its sales, marketing and services teams. The company will tap both small enterprises and the corporate clients. Sectors in focus include manufacturing, banking and insurance, education and non-governmental organisations.

Local pricing policy

“We have come up with a local pricing policy here in India. Localising the marketing, sales and support services are being done too,” he told BusinessLine.

While there are some free services which the company intends to continue with, annual subscription or paid models are also in place, primarily targeting enterprises. Typically, conversions from free to paid users happen better when companies have a local presence.

Pricing too has been decided upon accordingly. At present, TeamViewer has 96 million installations in India, of which over 7,000 are paying customers; and, according to Markgraf, it is eyeing a near 100 per cent growth in customer base here this year. “Ideally, we are looking at 14,000-odd paying clients by December or a 100 per cent growth in business here. In terms of installations, we have one of the highest,” he said.

TeamViewer competes with the likes of LogMeIn in the software and cloud-based remote connectivity services space.

It is also collaborating with different global companies to come up with IoT-based solutions. Use cases are also being developed. However, such collaborations are yet to materialise in India, Markgraf added.

Source: The Hindu