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TeamViewer launches IoT kit for businesses

Remote connectivity solutions company TeamViewer on Tuesday launched the IoT (Internet of Things) starter kit for businesses, which can be set up immediately for implementing IoT-related use cases.

According to TeamViewer, any business can start using the IoT technology with this kit.

“Just walk into your factory, building, or whatever you want to make ‘smart’ and place the gateway. The sensors will immediately start collecting data regarding pre-defined parameters, such as vibration, temperature or lighting condition,” said Alfredo Patron, Executive Vice-President, Business Development, TeamViewer.

“It will then send the data to the gateway and to our cloud,” he added.

TeamViewer has partnered with computer company Dell and electronics firm Bosch to launch this kit.

The starter kit consists of one Dell Edge 3001 Gateway with industry-standard connectivity, and three Bosch XDK110 multi-sensors with an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

It also has sensors for humidity, pressure, temperature, acoustic and light intensity.

The kit comes with one TeamViewer IoT six-month licence and IoT remote monitoring, and is controlled using the TeamViewer IoT Cloud.

Source: The Hindu