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This first-time bettor won $1.2 million by putting his money on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
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The man who won a record-setting $1.2 million payout for betting that Tiger Woods would win the Masters golf tournament was a first-time sports bettor who day-tripped into Las Vegas from Wisconsin.

James Adducci, 39, flew in on April 9 to make the $85,000 wager and then flew right back home, according to William Hill Plc, which took the bet. Woods, who was given 14-1 odds at the time of the bet, clinched his victory Sunday.

“This is a story for the ages,” Joe Asher, chief executive officer of William Hill’s U.S. operations, said in a statement. “Tiger climbs back to the top, and a guy from Wisconsin, on his first sports bet ever, wins over a $1 million betting on him. We congratulate both James and Tiger on their epic wins.”
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Adducci was presented with a check on Monday for $1.28 million, representing the payoff plus his original $85,000 stake. He placed the wager at the SLS Las Vegas casino.

“Golf was so special for my dad and I,” Adducci said in the statement. “To see Tiger win a major tournament for the first time in front of his kids meant a lot to me.”

Source: Business Standard