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Touching leaves after burning hands: BJP plans massive CAA outreach

BJP’s CAA outreach

Following widespread anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests and the closing of ranks by the Opposition parties in the state, Uttar Pradesh’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has taken many fire-fighting measures, including an extensive outreach programme especially among the minorities and the rural people. State Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma has met prominent Muslim clerics in Lucknow to assure them that there was nothing against the community in the new Act. Next, party leaders plan to hit the streets to reach out to 5 million households in 100,000 villages across the state to clear misgivings on the issue. During the month-long drive, senior party leaders would also address the local media at the various district headquarters.

Matchmaking for cows

Owners of cows in Madhya Pradesh can now find perfect matches for them, thanks to the animal husbandry department, which has complied a matchmaking database of some 200 bulls. The database, called ‘sire directory’, contains copious amount of information on the bulls. The information is divided into three parts. The first deals with the breed, parentage and age of the bulls. The second is about the milk production capacity of the mother and the fat percentage in the milk. The third details tests undertaken to ascertain diseases. The directory would be updated regularly and put online for better access.

New Year’s gift

With a new government in place, Maharashtra has allowed hotels to remain open till 5 am during Christmas and the same rule would apply on New Year’s Eve as well. Aditya Thackeray, son of chief minister, Uddhav Thackeray, had promised that hotels would remain open 24 hours and that would be the first step towards making Mumbai a global city.

Source: Business Standard