Train ticket refund: How passengers can track status in real-time on this Indian Railways website

railways The system is extremely helpful for those who are awaiting refunds.

Checking refund status of your Indian Railways train ticket: Did you know about the Indian Railways website that allows you to track the refund status on a real-time basis. This Indian Railways website – – allows passengers to track their refund status on a real-time basis – all you need is the PNR. By logging on to this website, passengers can easily check the refund status of their cancelled train tickets in real-time. has been developed by CRIS (Centre For Railway Information Systems). With the help of this website, railway passengers can see the status of refunds for tickets bought at ticket counters as well as online. According to Ved Prakash, Director, Publicity, Railway Board, the idea is to promote transparency in the system. Also, the system is extremely helpful for those who are awaiting refunds, he has said.

How to check refund status in real-time on

In order to check the status of the cancelled tickets in real-time, the passenger or the user has to first go to the website ‘’ and log in to their account. To check the status of their ticket, the passenger can simply go to the ‘Refund Status’ section. Under this section, the passenger gets two options to see the status of their ticket. The first option allows the passenger to check the refund status under through PNR detail. To check the status through this option the passenger has to enter his/her PNR number and has to select the date of journey. If the passengers opt for the second option then he/she can check the status through the refund registration number. Under this option, the passenger has to enter the refund registration number and the reopen count. After entering the details, the passenger can simply click on status and see the refund status.

For passengers who are unable to know the refund status of their tickets and are forced to submit claims through TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) at ticket counters, the new system is really helpful. As of now, to acknowledge the processing of the cancelled tickets and refund status, e-mails and SMSs are only sent to those passengers who book their tickets through IRCTC website.

Source: Financial Express