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Tweet Buster: Ideas for 2020, sectors to watch & worry over long-term bonds

NEW DELHI: As Calendar 2019 comes to a close, most Dalal Street investors are focusing on what the New Year holds. The projections are mixed. While some see opportunities amid hopes of economic revival, others are not too sure if the New Year would promise another good year for the blue chips.

In this edition of Tweet Buster, we look at what Dalal Street mavens have to offer in terms of ideas and advice for the New Year:

Think long-term
Value investor Safir Anand says since the economic conditions are tough, investors’ patience will be put to test, but at the same time there would be opportunities in this market. It makes more sense for investors to adopt a long-term view, says he.

Because the economic conditions are rough, there will be opportunities. Time on one hand and patience on the other…

— Safir (@safiranand) 1577422583000

Bullish 2020 on cards?
iThought founder Shyam Sekhar says 2020 could be a bullish year for Indian equities since investors are scouting new themes thinking of owning better stocks and taking steps to improve their portfolios.

When a year ends in a way which instills a sense of urgency in investors about the next one, that is a very good…

— Shyam Sekhar (@shyamsek) 1577431364000

Volatile January
Sandip Sabharwal, independent market expert, said punters are rolling over long positions like crazy and the market could prove to be quite volatile in January.

January end Nifty at a 70 point premium Punters are rolling over long positions like crazy January could be quite volatile

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1577353179000

Alarm Bells
Sabharwal says daily uptick in crude oil price is not a sign that bodes well for India.

Crude Oil prices rising by 0.5-1% everyday. Brent at $ 68 now. Not good for #India by any stretch of imagination.

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1577375574000

Palm oil – the next onion?

With an uptick of more than 40% in palm oil prices this year, Sabharwal fears edible oil could become the next onions in terms of price hike and asked the Finance Minister to be proactive on this front.

@Equiideas09 @nsitharaman @PMOIndia Palm Oil prices determine the pricing of the entire Edible Oil chain. Wait and watch

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1577415929000

Say goodbye to long-term bonds
Sabharwal warns that one year later returns on long-term bonds will turn negative. It’s ideal to exit them now, says he.

Mark my words This is the ideal time to Exit Long Term Government Bond Funds. One year later returns will be negat…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1577466092000

Aviation set for a rejig

With the Air India up for sale, Tata’s complete takeover of Air Asia and troubles at SpiceJet and GoAir, a lot is happening on the aviation front. Is it a theme to keep an eye on?

Tatas get full control of #AirAsia. #GoAir struggles to keep flights going. Spicejet struggles with #737MAX issues.…

— Shyam Sekhar (@shyamsek) 1577240188000

Source: Economic Times