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Tweet Buster: Top investment tips and what distinguishes Mallya & Nirav Modi


NEW DELHI: A feel-good factor over improved prospects of the NDA government returning to power drove strong buying interest among foreign investors, which in turn kept the party going on Dalal Street during the week gone by.

The benchmark indices recorded stellar gains to come within kissing distance of their record high levels. As sentiments ran wild, the Twitterati was busy discussing investment strategies and doling out stock recommendations.

Tweets from top D-Street honchos spelt out the dos and don’ts in the run-up to the elections while some projected that the bull market is here to stay and would continue for a few months.

Basant Maheshwari, co-founder of Basant Maheshwari Wealth Advisers, advocated the ‘stay put’ policy in equity investing, saying once you do that, you would not worry so much about right or wrong.

It’s a market we get it right sometimes and wrong the other times. Importantly, if people stay put – they would not…

— Basant Maheshwari (@BMTheEquityDesk) 1552710780000

Radhika Gupta, CEO at Edelweiss AMC, seemed to second Maheshwari’s views. He said equity investment in long-term performance is what matters.

Do not redeem a fund because it is at the bottom of the pack for 6 months. Do not buy a fund because it is at th…

— Radhika Gupta (@iRadhikaGupta) 1552403427000

Jiten Parmar, co-founder Aurum Capital, too had a few tips to share on the basics of equity investing.

The first step in equity investing is understanding underlying business. Understanding the levers, challenges, cycl…

— Jiten Parmar (@jitenkparmar) 1552650584000

Sandip Sabharwal, independent market expert said the market will run up further going forward. In a tweet, he said the bull run in the German stock market is normally positive for global equities. Will that help India’s case too?

A perfect Inverse Head and Shoulder breakout in the German DAX Index playing out. A bull move in German markets is…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1552649092000

Value investor Safir Anand tweaked a Sylvester Stallone dialogue from the movie Rocky to deliver a wisdom on stock market. Take a look:

mkt in March summed up ala Rocky Balboa: The mkt ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a mean n nasty place n can…

— Safir (@safiranand) 1552670297000

Talking stock-

Sandip Sabharwal: The D-Street maven advised investors to stick to basics and select quality stocks that are available cheap.

Soon Start expecting all junk stock recommendations from “Experts” Stick to basic, buy select stocks. Good quality…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1552364990000

“Don’t let the day-to-day stock price movement get to you,” he said.

No one asks any question if a stock shoots up 20% However if a stock falls 10-20% people start believing that somet…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1552288162000

He said the ‘trigger’ philosophy to take a call on a stock is flawed. Look at valuations instead, says he.

When stocks become too cheap they don’t need a “Trigger” to rise When stocks become too expensive they don’t need a…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1552278077000

Safir Anand: Anand sees value in hotel and auto stocks. Moreover, he also sees pockets of opportunities in the midcap stocks.

Delighted to see a highly respect Vanguard fund doing a lot of buying in mid caps.

— Safir (@safiranand) 1552670066000

All time high Indian hotels Near 52 w EIH Who said hotel stocks don’t give returns?

— Safir (@safiranand) 1552466424000

Happy to see Bounce up in auto stocks. Pessimism for what has been done is diff from road ahead

— Safir (@safiranand) 1552380102000

Shyam Sekhar: The mantra Shyam Sekhar of iThought handed out to his followers this week was to stay away from costly stocks.

The oldest rope trick of self-deception. “Market is expensive, NIFTY PE is high, but my portfolio is quality.” Rem…

— Shyam Sekhar (@shyamsek) 1552626084000

Meanwhile, Sabharwal came up with this interesting observation on this politically-loaded topic. He says it makes no sense to cast Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya in the same mould. While Mallya turned out to be a failed businessman, Modi is an out-and-out crook. Your thoughts?

#NiravModi and #VijayMallya are actually very different. Mallya ran a successful liquor empire for decades but the…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1552210099000

Source: Economic Times