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Twitter’s desktop redesign takes cues from its mobile app

New Delhi: Twitter is finally rolling out a long overdue redesign of its desktop interface, taking cues from its mobile app. According to a Mashable report, the change will be permanent and you won’t be able to fall back on the legacy design. The company has been testing the new design for about a year now.

As part of the new change, the navigation bar has been moved to the left of the screen and users with multiple accounts can switch from one to the other from there. Twitter is also adding the Explore option from the mobile app, which allows you to browse through trending hashtags and topics.

Lastly, Twitter is also adding colour schemes to the desktop version. You get this from the three dot menu marked “More” on the navigation bar. After clicking on it, there’s a “Display” option, which lets people choose the colour theme they want.

Alongside, there are two new options for the Dark mode, including the slightly “Dim” version that it already had, and another fully black mode. You can also use the Display option to change font sizes on the platform.

While the desktop redesign is a long-awaited change, the mobile app remains the same. And in case you are wondering, you still can’t edit your tweets after sending them.

Source: Livemint