Uber driver with fake license arrested for sexually harassing Delhi woman

Uber India faces uncertainty on Kalanick's exitA 22-year-old Uber driver was arrested for allegedly abducting and sexually harassing a woman after she boarded his cab in neighbouring Haryana, the police said on Tuesday. In a statement, the cab aggregator Uber said they have initiated action against the errant driver and are cooperating with the police in the investigation. On March 9, a 29-year-old woman, who works with an advisor in an MNC, booked an Uber cab from Kundli in Haryana for her residence in Sector-3, Rohini, they said. When the cab arrived, she noticed that the vehicle had a white number plate instead of the commercial numberplate and also had tinted glasses, the police said. The woman grew suspicious of the driver as his face did not match with the image of the driver provided by Uber on the app, they said. The driver, who was allegedly drunk, took the vehicle along a secluded route in Narela. The woman alleged that he was making unwanted advances, the police said. The driver was taking a different route than the one she used to usually take for her home. When she tried to get out from the vehicle at a traffic signal, the driver locked the doors using central lock and threatened her, the police said. When the car slowed down at a CNG station near GTK depot, she took the opportunity to unlock the door and jumped out of the car.

Source: Business Standard