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US scientist to mentor Hyderabad start-up

Edwards Rogers, Chief Knowledge Officer at Goddard Space Flight Centre in Washington DC (USA), will mentor and advise Hyderabad-based talent acquisition start-up TurboHire.

He will help the start-up to improve its job search and job application framework

With a PhD in Human Resources Management from Cornell University, Rogers’ research applies game theory models to human behaviour and decision-making at large and hi-tech organisations.

“Team at TurboHire has tackled a problem many organisations and governments face: that of speedily and effectively finding the right people for jobs,” Rogers said.

Founded by a team of IITians and NITians, the platform is being offered as platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service models. Over 100 organisations use this platform to meet their needs.

The two-year-old start-up works out of DLabs Incubation Centre at the Indian School of Business here.

“Talent acquisition in current job markets is like an onion — involving layers of background, capability, skills, education, communication and the personality of the candidate. These layers of limitations are also applicable to recruiters. Current solutions in the market have ignored recruiter issues and put the focus of technology only on candidates,” TurboHire Founder Deepak Agrawal said. “Our solutions lets organisations to manage their entire hiring operations on a single platform,” he said.

Source: The Hindu