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Vodafone Idea Stock ANALYSIS with Anil Singhvi: Should INVESTORS stay put or sell their shares, check what… – Zee Business

Decoding the share price decline of Vodafone Idea (Vi), Zee Business Managing Director Anil Singhvi says the recent developments related to the company is distressing not only to company’s shareholders but also for its customers and also raises its ongoing concern ahead.

In the last nine sessions, the telecom company’s shares have declined over 53 per cent from Rs 9.75 per share on the BSE. While it alone on Thursday plunged by around 25 per cent to hit a 52-week low of Rs 4.55 per share on the BSE, as the chairman of Vi, Kumar Mangalam Birla resigns yesterday. 

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The managing editor mentions that the way stock has been declining, it seems the shareholders were sensing such kind of move. He further adds, the resignation of Birla gives an indication that the Birla group won’t infuse any more funds in the company, which eventually will have to shut its shop.

There are many possibilities with the company at present such as: Will it get merged with any private or public sector company? What would happen to banks’ money? Will this situation of Vodafone Idea would impact other Birla group companies? Singhvi raises the question about the further road ahead.

He points out, It’s important to assess all these questions, however, the assessment will only happen once we get an indication that Birla group has become firm on closing its operations.

Zee Business had recommended the stock, when it was trading around Rs 11-12 per share, on the back of the company’s revival plan, fundraising news, AGR payments, and rebranding of Vodafone Idea.

Terming it’s difficult to give a call on stock right now, Singhvi explains the call regarding the stock is not fundamental, however, it’s completely dependent on will this company keep itself afloat or will cease operations

The managing editor suggests, if investors have a capacity of taking risk, then they should Hold the stock, but if your done with it and have digested the loss then, he recommends to exit.