What’s the real reason behind Hasin Jahan’s extra-marital affair, domestic violence allegations against Mohd Shami?

Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan. (IE)

The Mohammed Shami-wife Hasin Jahan controversy has been one of the hottest news topics of the month and each passing day a new development related to the matter is put into the perspective. The former model who hails from Kolkata had accused the Indian fast bowler of extra-marital affairs and domestic violence and claimed that Shami was involved in match-fixing. Interestingly, the latest development in the issue can put all these claims to rest. According to a report by Deccan Chronicle, it has come to light that the entire Shami-Jahan dispute may be due to the latter’s unhappiness over the couple’s farmhouse in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh.

The Indian quickie had bought the acres piece of land to launch a sports academy on his hometown Amroha. Shami had invested over Rs 10 crore on the piece of land, however, Jahan was vexed by the decision, according to a report by ABP News. The report added that Jahan wanted Shami to buy a new property in West Bengal, where the couple used to live.

After BCCI’s decision to uphold Shami’s annual contract following the dispute, the Bengal pacer denied all allegations and demanded a thorough probe into the matter. However, Jahan claimed that the UP-born bowler was twisting the facts.

Jahan said that Shami is making up all sorts of things to save himself and is actually beating around the bush and avoiding questions. “I tried to convince him that he should accept his mistake but he didn’t listen to me. At last, I was forced to reveal his wrongdoings in public. It is Shami, who is at fault. His misdeeds are now out in open,” she said.

Jahan also said that her husband’s behaviour changed towards her after she got access to his phone. She claimed that it happened out of fear.

“He was afraid that his wrongdoings would be revealed. Had I not got hold of his phone, he would have run away to Uttar Pradesh and sent me a divorce notice by now,” she added.

Source: Financial Express