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Who was VS Naipaul? The British writer who passes away at the age of 85

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Nobel prize winner and British Novelist VS Naipaul passed away today. He breathed his last in London. The writer was 85 years old. Naipaul was born on August 17, 1932, studied at Oxford University. His first novel ‘The Mystic Masseur’ was published in the year 1957. Hr went on to get more recognition after writing dozens of books. A number of his books dealt with colonialism and its dark legacy.

The author spent much of his time travelling. While honouring him with Nobel Prize in 2001, the Swedish Academy he was a “literary circumnavigator, only ever really at home in himself, in his inimitable voice”.

In the year 1939, when Naipaul was just seven-year-old, his family moved to Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain. He was enrolled in the government-run Queen’s Royal College, a well-known school that was modelled after a British public school. After his graduation, the author won a Trinidad Government scholarship which permitted him to study at any higher learning institute in the British Commonwealth he decided to go to Oxford University.

Several of his books were on traumas of post-colonial change.among his major novels include “A House for Mr Biswas”, which focussed on a tough task for Indian immigrants in the Caribbean of trying to mix up in society while keeping their roots.

Naipaul was one of the first winners of the Booker Prize, which is now Britain’s leading literary award, in 1971 for his book ‘In A Free State’. Throughout his career, the author was also outspoken t, likening former British prime minister Tony Blair to a pirate at the head of a socialist revolution.

Among his other novels include The Suffrage of Elvira (1958), Miguel Street (1959), A House for Mr Biswas (1961), Mr Stone and the Knights Companion (1963), The Mimic Men (1967), A Flag on the Island (1967), In a Free State (1971) – Booker Prize, Guerrillas (1975), A Bend in the River (1979), The Enigma of Arrival (1987), A Way in the World (1994)

Source: Financial Express