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Why endorsement of India’s election process by the US is important

Why endorsement of India’s election process by the US is important – The Financial Express

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Lok Sabha Election Results:

United States has endorsed the fairness of Indian election process.

Election Results 2019: In a major development, United States has endorsed the fairness of India’s election process. It is significant as the United States has projected itself as a champion of a free and democratic worlds since the end of cold war, several times intervening in the internal affairs of other countries in the name of promoting democracy and free speech.

Just ahead of announcement of election results in India on Thursday, State Department said that it was very confident about the the fairness and the integrity of the Indian elections.

This is in sharp contrast of the meetings of US envoy Peter Burleigh with Indian politicians just ahead of crucial election results in May 2009. Peter Burleigh’s meeting with BJP leader LK Advani and TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu in May 2009 had invited sharp criticism from left parties that have slammed the US government, calling the meeting of US envoy with Indian politicians a ‘brazen meddling’ in India’s internal matters.

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“Reports suggest that parties are being advised whom to support and which government should be formed in India, etc. If this is the case, I think this is gross interference in our internal affairs,” Sitaram Yechury, who was member of CPM’s Polit Bureau in 20019 was quoted as saying in the news reports.

Yechury’s sharp reaction was in response to media reports that suggested that the US envoy had advised to Indian politicians to ensure that Communist parties do not have any role in the next government as the US was concerned about the future of India US civil nuclear deal and its strategic ties with India.

However, a decade later, the situation is in sharp contrast with the apprehensions expressed by Indian politicians a decade earlier as the US has not only endorsed the robustness of India’s election process but it has also suggested that it was willing to work with any one who forms the next government in India.

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Morgan Ortagus, State Department spokesperson, today told reporters in an off-camera briefing in capital Washington that his country country would obviously work with whoever is the victor in India elections.

In a big endorsement to the independence of India’s election commission, United States does not send its election observers to India to monitor elections.

India’s election commission, which has seen unprecedented attack from the opposition over use of EVMs and counting of VVPAT slips, is respected worldwide and had been asked by the United Nations in the past to kick-start the democratic process by helping to conduct elections in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan after the establishment of democratic governments there.

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