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Will Priyanka take the plunge as next Lok Sabha candidate for Rae Bareli?


Party’s constitutional mandate
Will Priyanka take the plunge?Is Priyanka Gandhi going to replace mother Sonia as the next Lok Sabha candidate from the Congress for Rae Bareli? This speculation has been on for years and Sonia’s stock reply has always been: ‘Priyanka has to decide’. This time the chatter is originating from the Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party units in the constituency who insist it will be Priyanka as Sonia has decided to take the Rajya Sabha route for health reasons. So far sources close to Priyanka have maintained that she is content to play a behind the scenes role but the chatter has grown so loud, it is now impossible to ignore. The ramifications are deep and wide: Another power centre from the family in the Congress, the politics of didi-bhaiya resurfacing, etc. The party in question is saying nothing.

Source: Business Standard