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Will the world see 2008-like global crisis again? 68.85% say ‘Yes’: BS poll

Lehman BrothersThe collapse of US investment giant Lehman Brothers 10 years ago forced central banks to take unprecedented steps to help rescue the global economy, thrusting them into uncharted territory they are still navigating.After the 2008 crisis, India’s growth and exports fell sharply. Ten years later, India is struggling to improve its fiscal health. Business Standard on Saturday conducted a poll and asked users across Facebook, Twitter and its website whether there will be another global economic crisis of the kind seen in 2008?ALSO READ: 10 years of global financial crisis: Here are 9 important lessons from itHere are the results of the 24-hour poll:The YES club: Over half — 57.09 per cent — of the votes received across the three platforms show that majority of the people are of the view that the world will again face an economic crisis of the magnitude seen in 2008.The NO club: 33.20 per cent people believe that global economy is improving and perhaps, there will not be another financial collapse, creating a ripple effect across the world.Can’t say: 9.71% of the total people who took the poll are unsure of what the global economic future holds.

ALSO READ: 10 years of Lehman: Is the next global financial crisis already brewing?Individual result recorded at Business Standard website, Twitter and Facebook:The poll indicated that a majority of readers of Business Standard on Twitter, Facebook and the website are convinced that the financial health of the economy will get worse.
Source: Business Standard