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WWE 2K20: Contender for the worst game of the year

The World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) games usually have a staunch following, even if they aren’t the most popular. And those followers will be mighty disappointed with this new version.

WWE 2K20 feels unfinished and is definitely a contender for the worst game of the year. It’s riddled with so many bugs that one wonders who made it pass quality checks. And the newest and most hyped feature of the game is still not available to players, over a month after the game’s initial launch.

2K20 Originals, which is the game’s new offering, will come as downloadable content (DLC) later. It essentially brings a new mode where you fight with the same characters, but in themed battles that are beyond regular WWE. The first, Bump In The Night, was bundled with the pre-order copy but is yet to see the light of day.

The game is also full of bugs, nearly everywhere, with referees getting stuck in certain positions, wrestlers aimlessly running into the ring ropes, items disappearing when they don’t need to and so on.

Furthermore, the game’s targeting system is severely flawed. You will often just be punching the air instead of your opponent, missing moves, etc. Combined with the fact that enemy artificial intelligence (AI) behaves erratically, it’s a poor experience. The only enjoyable part of this game is the MyCareer mode, which takes you through a story of two fictional characters. You play them both simultaneously, and follow their career trajectories, starting from their days as young indie wrestlers. The story isn’t gripping, but it has some fun moments.

But MyCareer alone can’t save a game that shouldn’t have made it to consumers anyway. WWE 2K20 is a big step backwards in this genre and remains the one game you should certainly not buy this year.

Pros and Cons of WWE 2K20


  • MyCareer mode is fun
  • Many character customization options
  • Lots of match options to try out


  • Riddled with bugs in almost every step
  • Flawed targeting system is annoying
  • Newest feature isn’t available yet

Source: Livemint