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533 million Facebook users’ phone numbers and other personal details leaked: What it means for users in India – Gadgets Now

They say only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. We can safely add a third — Facebook being careless about user data and giving two hoots about their privacy. A recent report by Business Insider states how personal data of 533 million Facebook users has been leaked online. Here we tell you what it means for Facebook users in India and all you should know about the data ‘leak’.


Data of 533 million Facebook users — from 106 countries — has been leaked for free on a hacking forum


According to the report, a total of 6 million Indian users’ data is part of the massive online leak.


Apart from India, the US and UK seem to have been the most affected. 32 million US users and 11 million UK users’ data has been leaked.


The personal data leaked includes users’ phone numbers, locations, date of birth, Facebook ID, and bios. Some email addresses have been leaked as well


Cybercriminals can easily get their hands on this data to scam users or even impersonate them online


The data leak was discovered by Alon Gal, CTO, Hudson Rock, a cybercrime intelligence firm.


In January this year, Gal had revealed that the data was being advertised by a Telegram bot in exchange of money.


The data, however, is now is reportedly available for free and could end up in the wrong hands.


Facebook, so far, has not made any comment on the data leak.


In the past also, Facebook has been ‘guilty’ of not doing enough about user privacy and it’s not the first time users’ data has been leaked.