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A country with the right amount of digital talent will win the talent war: Nasscom President

The fourth industrial revolution that we are currently witnessing is being defined as the new age of deep-tech innovation, driven by unprecedented technological advances. The pace of automation and its scope continues to grow exponentially.

Data-driven insights, digital trust, emergence of advanced tech such as AI, ML, robotics and ubiquitous computing are changing the Indian landscape like no other. Aligning with India’s vision to establish itself as a leading digital economy, Nasscom had identified its strategic imperative to reskill and upskill India’s IT workforce to ensure that talent is future-ready in terms of new-age skills, driving policy advocacy to advance innovation and ease of doing business, and building the industry narrative by highlighting talent, trust and innovation.

There is now a major concentration towards partnering with universities to inculcate skilling initiatives at the core level. Besides investments on skilling and reskilling by companies, even governments have joined the play, impacted by a compelling need of digital talent availability, which drives national competitive advantage.

An innovation hub

Strengthening the innovation quotient across industry verticals, 2019 witnessed a widespread adoption of deep-tech technologies, AI and IoT, allowing businesses across industries to design automated and more predictive solutions.

Adding over 1,100 start-ups in 2019, India continues to reinforce its position as the third largest start-up ecosystem across the world, taking the total number of tech start-ups to 8,900-9,300 in the last five years. Further, promoting business opportunities India opened newer markets both international and domestic, and introduced key policy measures to further strengthen its potential as an innovation hub.

As we enter the third decade of this millennium, we see 2020 as the year of talent and innovation at work, where a country with the right amount of digital talent is going to win the talent war. Talent will be redefining competitions globally. We would see more and more implementation of new-age technologies such as AI, blockchain, cybersecurity and the impact of these technologies will have in human lives. 2020 is going to be the decade of trust. Trust is going to be the biggest currency of the data economy, which will drive the new leaders of the data economy. Talent, trust and innovation are going to be the three pillars of the new digital economy that we are currently in.

Therefore, in order to achieve this vision, we must ensure that the next year and decade are aligned to our mission to drive technology integration across business verticals, accelerate innovation to solve social problems and deliver value to businesses, thus continuing our leadership in IT globally.

The writer is President, Nasscom

Source: The Hindu