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After US market, Bharat Biotech ties up with Ocugen for Covaxin sale in Canada – Times of India

HYDERABAD: Indigenously developed Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin is now eyeing the Canadian market with Bharat Biotech and its US partner Ocugen extending their US pact for Covaxin to include Canada as well.
Bharat Biotech and Ocugen on Thursday said they have entered into an amendment to their co-development, supply, and commercialization agreement to expand Ocugen’s exclusive territory to commercialize Covaxin to also include Canada, in addition to its existing rights to commercialise Covaxin in the United States.
As part of this amended deal, just like the US, Ocugen will make an upfront payment and milestone payment upon first commercial sale in Canada to Bharat Biotech. Ocugen will get to retain 45% of the profits from Covaxin sales in Canada while Bharat Biotech will get 55% share of the profits.
“As we work towards the submission of the emergency use application in the US, we will simultaneously seek authorization under interim order for emergency use in Canada. We believe Covaxin has the potential to play a key role in saving lives from Covid-19 in the US and Canada, as well as across the globe, due to the strong immune response it generates against multiple antigens,” said Dr Shankar Musunuri, chairman of the board, CEO and Co-founder of Ocugen.
“Covaxin has demonstrated an excellent safety record in human clinical trials and in vaccine administration under emergency use in India. Our goal for all vaccines developed at Bharat Biotech is to provide global access. With its potential effectiveness against multiple existing and emerging variants, we believe that Covaxin is an important vaccine for everyone, including children, based on its unique yet traditional vaccine platform,” Bharat Biotech chairman & managing director Dr Krishna Ella said.