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Ahmedabad realtor launches mobile app for property transactions

Ahmedabad-based real estate developer, 7 OAK announced launch of Bada Property Exchange app – a digital platform that makes property selection for home buyers and sellers a hassle-free, transparent and comfortable experience.

The mobile app brings a unique model of property exchange besides a conventional buying and selling functions.

“Buyer or seller need not run around after property consultants to buy or sell his property. Just uploading the details through a smartphone will get the task done. If the customer is satisfied with the offer of the other party, they – the buyer and seller- can decide to complete the transactions with or without the consultants,” stated Hardeepsinh Rana, COO of Bada Property Exchange. Currently, the android app is under trial run with over 60 property consultants and 2,000 customers.

The customers get an option whether to appoint a property broker or not. For those opting for a broker, 7 Oak provides them accredited property consultants to ensure reliability.

The app is free to use for customers, while the company gets its earnings from fees charged to the brokers. The minimum annual fees is charged at Rs.10,000 from the property consultants.

In exchange of this fees, the consultant gets several advantages such as easy access to buyer or seller of a property.

Source: The Hindu