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Anand Mahindra hails Yezdi’s return. ‘Brothers reunited,’ he says with photo of Yezdi, Jawa –

After Anand Mahindra’s brotherly reference for a post on Yezdi and Jawa bikes, Twitter was quick to point out how his words also resonated with the news of reunion of two brothers separated during the partition of India.

Yezdi is backed by Anand Mahindra’s Mahindra Group.

On the iconic bike brand Yezdi’s return to India, Mahindra Group Chairperson Anand Mahindra shared a photo of showrooms of Yezdi and Jawa next to each other and wrote, “Long lost brothers. Reunited…”

Yezdi, the Mahindra Group-backed bike maker is entering its second innings in the country. Talking about the “brotherhood”, Classic Legends founder Anupam Thareja told Moneycontrol that Yezdi and Jawa would have the same dealerships and the same network.

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“When I said Yezdi will create its own identity, remember historically, Jawa merged into Yezdi. When we launched Jawa, it was not that we had hoped to launch Yezdi someday,” said Thareja. “The whole product portfolio was planned keeping both the brands in mind. You can’t make motorcycles on a whim. It takes four to five years. I can’t have these two brands, which are very synonymous in people’s minds, cannibalising each other.”

He added that the company wanted to start with the Jawa (the older brand, of the two), create a new market segment and then move on to Yezdi.

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After Mahindra’s brotherly reference, Twitter was quick to point out how his words also resonated with the news of reunion of two brothers who were separated during the partition of India.

Twitter user Atulya said, “You’re right, sir. Today long lost brothers met for the first time after 1947 across the border. Others two shared screenshots of the similarity between the posts.

According to Pakistani media reports, brothers Siddique from Faisalabad in Pakistan and Habib from Phullanwalla village on the Indian side recently had a deeply moving reunion at the Kartarpur Corridor in Pakistan. They were separated during the Partition in 1947.

Ankita Sengupta