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Best of BS Opinion: Reviving economic growth, containing China, and more

Exactly a hundred years ago a US president had said, after the Versailles treaty, the world was made safe for democracy. But the presence of authoritarian regimes does not hold out such hope even now. But democracy too has been an insufficient answer to today’s pressing problems such as environmental degradation and the resultant need for alternative economic models. Judicial intervention, though effective, is one step away from being an arrangement in which the people have a say. Uddalok Bhattacharya sums up

In the new Cold War world, the liberal West must remember what brought them victory — the use of its control of the world’s money. Deepak Lal explains the need to contain China It is reassuring to observe a deep movement from below necessitating civil society and businesses to be innovative. Jean-Joseph Boillot says India needs to shift its economic model Making the violation of environmental laws a criminal offence is effective, says M J Antony OUR EDITS capture IMF suggestions on revitalising the Indian economy, and why we are wrong in offending US legislators The BJP’s mentality is not to introspect results. When you take people for granted, what else can happen? Shiv Sena mouthpiece

Source: Business Standard