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Bridgefy: An offline messaging app suddenly gaining traction in India

The protest by the various sections in various parts of the country regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act has led to the shutdown of internet services in various parts of the country.

Due to shutdown of internet services, a new offline messaging app known as Bridgefy has started to gain traction among Indian citizens. The social media is abuzz with people recommending using this app in case there is a shutdown of internet services.

With the internet services being restricted people find it hard to communicate with one another as popular messaging apps like WhatsApp need regular internet connection.

The official website of the Bridgefy app suggests that it can be used for offline texting and can be used at the time of natural disasters as well.

The app primarily works on three modes with the help of Bluetooth in the mobile phone.

The first mode is ‘one-to-one’ mode in which a smartphones can connect over a range of 330 feet (100 meters) according to the company.

‘one-to-one’ mode

The second mode is ‘one-to-one long distance’ mode in which this app messages are sent over longer distances than the prescribed 330 feet with the help of other Bridgefy users between the sender and receiver.

'one-to-one long distance’ mode
‘one-to-one long distance’ mode

The third mode is the ‘broadcast’ mode in which a chatroom is created and a user can send a message to multiple people who are using the app and are not in senders’ contact list.

'Broadcast' mode
‘Broadcast’ mode

However, one should keep in mind that the Bridgefy app requires an internet connection to activate the app for the first time you open the app. According to a statement by the company, messages sent from one person to another through Bridgefy are encrypted, however messages sent through the ‘broadcast’ chat are not encrypted.

Here are some of the reactions of Twitterati recommending the app when people are unable to send messages when internet services for whatever reasons are not available.

Offline messaging app #Bridgefy gains popularity in wake of #internetshutdown during #CAA_NRC protests.
It uses Bluetooth to communicate with people nearby, instead of relying on Internet and form a network, enabling communication possible even when you’re offline.

— Rajeev Sharma (@kishkindha)

December 19, 2019

Download Bridgefy. Get your protest buddies to download Bridgefy. It’s available on android and iOS!

— ?✨?? (@ruchiks127)

December 19, 2019

Source: Livemint