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Coronavirus: Zydus Cadila seeks approval for its COVID vaccine; here is what makes it different from other vaccines – Times of India

ZyCOV-D is the COVID-19 vaccine developed and manufactured by a leading Indian drugmaker, Zydus Cadila to fight against novel coronavirus.

The vaccine, which was pressed into clinical trials last July is likely to be the third Indian coronavirus vaccine to be rolled out for use. Not only is the vaccine a made in India vaccine, it is also the first-of-a-kind coronavirus vaccine that uses a DNA platform to elicit a sufficient immune response.

ZyCOV-D is a ‘plasmid DNA’ vaccine that uses a non-replicating version of a DNA molecule called plasmid, which, similar to mRNA vaccines are coded with genetic information which helps prepare a harmless version of the spike protein present on the SARS-COV-2 membrane.

Once the vaccine is injected into the body, the plasmid DNA elicits an immediate response which mimics the spike protein production, doles out antibodies, and prompts a defensive response when a future infection is sighted.

The company, which claims to have conducted one of the biggest COVID vaccine clinical trials across Indian centres, has also sought clinical nods for regulatory use in kids between the ages of 12-18 right now. Once approved for use, the company plans to speed fast production and manufacture 10-12 crore doses annually.