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Indian Microsoft employee laid off after 21 years of service, says it is hitting him hard – India Today

Microsoft layoffs: An Indian man has been fired by the company even after giving 21 years of his life to Microsoft. He says the layoff news is hitting him hard.

Indian Microsoft employee laid off after 21 years for service.

By Ankita Garg: Microsoft just announced layoff of 10,000 employees and many of them have started posting for job leads on LinkedIn. One of them is an Indian man who has been fired by the company even after giving 21 years of his life to Microsoft. Prashant Kamani, who lost his job at a prestigious tech firm, has shared the news of his layoff on LinkedIn, saying that this has hit him hard.


Kamani was a Principal Software Development Manager at Microsoft and he was asked to leave. While the Indian man is disheartened by the layoff process that the company is going through, he also expressed gratitude towards the company because of the exposure and opportunities received while working there. He asserted that it was a “fulfilling” and “rewarding” experience at Microsoft.

“I feel a sense of gratitude more than anything else. Microsoft was my first job after college, and I still remember coming over to a foreign land all nervous and excited, wondering what life has in store for me. After working for over 21 years at Microsoft, in multiple roles, multiple organizations, as an IC and as a manager, client, hybrid and services software, V1 products and V10+, UX, backend, and everything in between, I can truly say it’s been very fulfilling and rewarding, “ he wrote on LinkedIn.

Kamani did his graduation from Delhi’s St Stephen’s College and has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He took his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Savitribai Phule Pune University. As he has revealed in his note, Kamani’s first job was at Microsoft and for this, he was relocated to the US market.

“I’ve learned immensely and grown as a result. Microsoft gave me many opportunities to learn and expand my skills, and I was able to take full advantage of them. The wealth of experience I gained throughout my career can’t simply be measured in years, it is truly immeasurable. And for all of that, I’m truly grateful to Microsoft,” he said.

Kamani worked for this tech company for more than 15 years and then moved to another company for a brief period. He spent more than two years at Amazon and later joined Microsoft in 2018. Since then, he has been working for this company for around 5 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. Kamani didn’t mention if he had any offers in hand or facing any financial issues.

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