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Jio to deploy VoNR tech to offer calling service on its 5G network; develops own VoLTE –

NEW DELHI: Reliance Industries Limited said that its telecom arm, Reliance Jio, will deploy voice over new radio or VoNR tech to offer voice service on its future 5G network in the country.

Jio Platforms, which owns Jio, has already developed its own IMS (IP Multimedia subsystem), which powers its voice over LTE or VoLTE services nationally and handles more than 10 billion minutes of calls on a daily basis.

RIL President Kiran Thomas said that the IMS for the 4G networks is backward compatible and will work with the 5G network.

ETTelecom had in March reported that Jio replaced Nokia and Oracle’s 4G voice technology with its own from its pan-India network. Jio’s own IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) solution (vIMS) for VoLTE and VoWiFi is live since October 2019. It was previously using Nokia and Oracle’s IMS and related technology to offer 4G voice service.

“So instead of voice over LTE, we will have voice over new radio or voNR, which is the 5G version, but the products that we built are backward compatible to 4G. So even as we bring in voNR capabilities, VoLTE services will continue to run seamlessly on the same equipment. And obviously we are waiting for spectrum being made available,” he said.

Jio Platforms has created an end-to-end suite of products and platforms, which is being made in India. It covers radio and core components, which is called network functions. The company is developing everything component in-house.

“…this entire intellectual property is owned by Jio Platforms Limited. We have an ability to offer that to our subsidiary which is RJIL to launch 5G services. It is created with a carrier grade quality of service in mind, because we have direct experience of having run these networks, and obviously we are keeping it cloud native, so that not just in our own data centers, but we have to take the solutions outside of our data centers to serve external customers, that transition would be fairly easy,” Thomas said.

Jio Platforms is developing our intellectual property and “own-homegrown solutions” that initially will support Reliance Jio and other RIL businesses in retail, financial services, education, healthcare, agriculture, or even manufacturing sectors.

“Jio Platforms plays the role of really providing that digital solutions and digital intellectual property to multiple of our operating companies including Jio.”

Thomas said that Jio Platforms has developed the full “5G stack” internally as opposed to a partner-led approach in the 4G space.

Jio has already replaced many 4G network components with its own home-grown solutions.

In 5G, Thomas said, that Jio is in a position to deploy its own solutions first on Jio’s network in India, and once proven at India scale, the company will take this complete end-to-end solution to other telcos globally.

“…the real fulcrum of what we are trying to achieve is to develop those vertical solutions across these multiple ecosystems… develop it and stabilize it here, mature it here in India, and India we believe provides a very stringent market where we have things like the length and breadth of the country, which is a very large country, we have to be very innovative to create cost-effective solutions and business models,” he added.