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Kia Carens police car and ambulance versions unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023 –

On the first day of the Auto Expon 2023, Kia had a grand start, showcasing the EV9 flagship electric SUV concept and the KA4, which will launch in India as the next-generation Carnival. At the same time, Kia also showcased purpose-built vehicle (PBV) versions of the Carens MPV. Kia showcased a police car and an ambulance version of the Carens, both of which were placed side-by-side with all the necessary modifications over the standard Carens.

Starting with the Ambulance version, the Kia Carens Ambulance gets the required yellow and red-themed decals all around it, based on the standard shade of white. The Carens Ambulance also gets wide Ambulance lettering on the front and rear.

Kia hasn’t unveiled the changes and modifications introduced inside the Carens Ambulance. However, expect this vehicle to come equipped with all the essential medical equipment and facilities usually required in an ambulance, including the second and third row of seats swapped with flatbeds.

Kia also had the Carens Police Car as a part of its PBV versions on display. Like the Carens Ambulance, the Carens Police Car also is in a theme of white with red and blue-based decals all around.

Like the Carens Ambulance, the Police Car also gets sirens mounted on its roof. Here also, Kia has not disclosed the details about the modifications carried out on the inside. However, unlike the Ambulance, the Police Car retains the standard three-row seating for its cabin.

Based on the entry-level variants

Both the Ambulance and Police Car versions of the Kia Carens look like they are based on the base-spec Premium variant, which is evident in the way they are equipped on the outside. Both the PBV vehicles based on the Carens get all halogen headlamps and tail lamps, steel wheels with plastic caps and satin silver garnish around the headlamps and a front air dam on the front bumper. Here, the turn indicators are also mounted on the front fenders, and not on the rearview mirrors.

While it is not clear about the powertrain details of the PBV versions of the Kia Carens, the vehicles might be having a diesel engine under the hood, to keep the running costs of these vehicles as low as possible. The Kia Carens is offered with a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol, a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol and a 1.5-litre diesel engine, and it is the diesel engine which is the most fuel-efficient among the three powertrains. Also, the base-spec Premium variant is available with this powertrain, indicating that the Ambulance and Police Car versions of the Kia Carens will come with the diesel engine, once they are available for sale in India.