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Maruti Suzuki eVX Electric SUV concept unveiled at the 2023 Auto Expo: Hyundai Creta EV challenger –

The much-awaited Auto Expo 2023 has commenced today and flagging off the event with a bang is the country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL). The company has finally taken the covers off of the much-rumored all-electric concept SUV at the show as its first big launch. Maruti has named this EV SUV concept the – ‘Emotional Versatile Cruiser,’ – Concept eVX. According to the company, it’s a mid-size SUV aimed to display the brand’s commitment to sustainable motoring.

From the looks of it, it’s a completely new vehicle that boasts a radical coupe-like SUV design which is something that has never been shown before by Maruti Suzuki. The company revealed that the Concept eVX has been designed and developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation. The SUV boasts a high commanding position with extremely futuristic design elements. Dimensionally the vehicle measures 4,300mm in length, 1,800mm in width, and 1,600mm in height.

At the front, the all-new Concept eVX features a typical EV design with no big grille openings. It gets a clean front-end design which without having too many sharp lines looks aggressive. In place of a traditional front grille, we can note a gloss black strip which connects to the futuristic looking LED headlamps. Also the headlights coupled with four small LED DRLs form a V-shape element adding to the ultra-modern design of the concept. At the center of the fascia we get a massive bumper in body color that boasts the Suzuki insignia. Meanwhile moving a little further below we can note a huge cladding with a large silver skid plate. There are two small LED DRLs on the lower bumper as well.

Moving on the the sides we can note some brawny wheels arches that house the massive full faced futuristic looking wheels. The arches also get a ton of black plastic cladding signifying the ruggedness of this SUV concept. Furthermore on the sides of the vehicle we can spot the additional cladding with a silver garnish in the middle. The rear wheel arches similar to the front also get the same rugged treatment with big claddings.

Another major talking of this SUV is the rear design of it. At the rear we can see that its gets an coupe-like end which is slowly becoming more and more popular. It sort of resembles a Lamborghini Urus and similar caliber SUVs. On top it gets a spoiler that extends over the aggressively slanted rear windshield. The Concept eVX also gets distinct looking LED taillamps that are connected with each other via a double LED strip adding to its conceptual theme. In the middle it also gets a sizeable Suzuki logo along with the eVX insignia. Additionally on the lower part of the rear design we can note the presence of thick black cladded bumper with a humongous silver skid plate with a red light in the middle.

According to the company, the idea behind the entire Concept eVX and its futuristic design elements is to deliver high levels of aerodynamic efficiency by lowering the drag coefficient, distinguishing it as a car with advanced technology. Meanwhile revealing the powertrain specifications, Maruti stated that it will be powered by a 60kWh battery pack offering up to 550km of driving range.

Commenting on the global premiere of Concept Electric SUV eVX, Mr. Toshihiro Suzuki, Representative Director
and President, Suzuki Motor Corporation, said,

Today, I have an exciting announcement. I am delighted to unveil the Concept eVX, our first global strategic EV. We plan to bring it to market by 2025. At the Suzuki Group, addressing global warming is a priority. We are promoting a range of global measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from our business. One key measure is reducing CO2 emitted by using our products. Here in India, as announced in March last year, we will invest 100 billion rupees in the production of BEVs and their batteries.”

Furthermore, Hisashi Takeuchi, Managing Director & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, added,

For over 4 decades, Maruti Suzuki has been spreading the Joy of Mobility in India and fulfilling the aspirations of millions of Indian families. Along with our parent company Suzuki Motor Corporation, we remain highly optimistic and committed to the long-term growth story of India. With specific emphasis on Atma Nirbhar Bharat, we have committed ourselves to bring new products, technologies, investments and set up new facilities in India. We believe in exploring a full spectrum of technologies like hybrids, CNG, bio-CNG, ethanol and electric to support Government of India’s twin objective of reducing oil-import bill and Carbon Net Zero by 2070. Our approach towards electric vehicles is holistic with scale and localization. The Concept eVX is Suzuki’s first global strategic Electric Vehicle, and I am excited that it debuts here in India. It brings exciting urban SUV styling through its sharp design language and as a Battery Electric Vehicle it purposefully reinforces our commitment to environment friendliness and sustainability.