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More IIT graduates laid off by Amazon, Goldman Sachs. ‘It’s really disheartening’ – Moneycontrol

Amazon intends to cut off more than 18,000 roles as part of a workforce reduction while Goldman Sachs laid off 3,000 employees in a day. (Representative image)

As major firms such as Amazon and Goldman Sachs continue with its lay off, several of its employees who are IIT alumni have been taking to social media to look for new job opportunities. Most of the employees sacked appear to have been employed by the companies for only a few months.

Ayaz Anis, Utkarsh Mittal, Harsh, and Samyak Jain have all studied in IIT and had worked for between six and eight months before being laid off recently.

All of them made the news of their termination public on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, while appealing for help to find new job opportunities.

“Never wanted to start my 2023 on this, but as a part of Amazon layoffs, my job role got terminated recently,” wrote Harsh, an alumnus of IIT Mandi.

“As of the start of 2023, I, unfortunately, became a part of recent layoffs at Goldman Sachs, despite having no performance issues,” posted Mittal who had studied in IIT Kanpur and had even received a meritorious award for the best academic performance in any science department in the graduating batch.

“It is really disheartening, without any performance considerations they are laying off just like that,” wrote Jain who had worked with Amazon for six months. “It was my first job and my first experience in software development.”

In his social media post, Anis, an IIT Guwahati graduate, said that he is taking the development in a positive light while looking for better opportunities. “I was laid off as a part of reduction in Amazon’s workforce. I am taking it positively and hoping for better opportunities,” he wrote on LinkedIn. “The journey of eight months at Amazon had been amazing, worked with amazing teammates on exciting projects.”

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But, amid the flood of posts announcing being laid off, there is a silver lining as many recruiters have been reaching out to the fired employees to explore new job opportunities.

Harsh has received at least three enquiries from prospective employers in the comments section of his LinkedIn post. Those who reached out to him included companies such as Cogno AI, Blue Yonder and oCode Company.

Others too received messages of interest from other countries such as JP Morgan, Mastercard and Nokia.

Amazon intends to cut off more than 18,000 roles as part of a workforce reduction. In number of layoffs, the company has surpassed the 11,000 job cuts at Facebook-parent Meta and other tech-industry peers, Reuters reported. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs made headlines again this week for laying off 3,000 employees in a day.

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