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PUBG’s RageGear Mode: Here are a few tips and tricks

After PUBG’s incredible success with different battle royale modes, the game has reached a new milestone by introducing RageGear Mode. As the name suggests, the new mode is less about strategy and more about ‘rage’.

In the new format, players are let loose in a confined space (not as confined an island but more like a big hall). Unlike the usual mode, players will have to do all the chasing and killing on four wheels only. They will get cars and weapons to target and destroy enemies.

Here are few tricks for players to ace the new format


Since the biggest influence in the game is the vehicle, choosing the right car is essential. Each car can afford to take a certain amount of damage. The quicker the car, the lesser damage it can take and vice versa. The players get to choose from three options which include Dacia, UAZ and Buggy. Dacia comes with balanced power, stamina and mobility. The UAZ is a bigger vehicle and also has more to offer in terms of power and stamina but loses out on mobility. Buggy on the other hand is a quick vehicle but will need frequent repair.


Having the right weapon also helps. Similar to the vehicle selection, the weapon impact is inversely proportional to the reload time. There are three weapons available RPG-7, MGL and M249. The RPL-7 is made to deal high damage but only has one bullet in each magazine. Keeping a single bullet won’t help beginner-level players. If aiming comes naturally to you, go for the RPG-7. MGL is a grenade launcher and has a wider range of impact. M249 is the most versatile option with multiple bullets and is also easy to aim.


In a team of two, the driver and shooter should be able to coordinate well. Switching roles according to skills is a smart move. The shooter can opt for ‘gyroscope’ to aim better while moving.


While it’s important to engage, keeping track of health should be a priority. The players should instantly disengage as soon as health dips below 30 per cent. Repair crates will boost HP.


Aiming at a car facing you won’t help. The best strategy is to aim for the side of the car or get behind it before launching an attack.

Source: Livemint