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The big wins for investors in the decade ending 2019

UPI makes payments cheap, fast and safe

NPCI launched India’s real-time payment system in August 2016 and it is already a role model for the developed world. India now has apps that seamlessly move money

Lower cost mutual funds true to label

Risk labelling in 2013 and scheme categorization in 2018 led to better disclosures. In 2018, Sebi tightened mutual fund expenses and rationalized fund distribution costs

Direct mutual fund plans reduce costs

Sebi-mandated direct plans in 2013 cut costs for DIY investors. Also made room for RIAs to charge a fee, rather than work on commissions, lowering conflicts of interest

Tech transforms financial sector

Speed, cost and options are all features of a tech-based rehaul of banking, payments and investment; regulators, firms and the government have worked together on this

More power to IRDAI over costs and fines

Insurance sector FDI limits got a hike in 2015 and Irdai got more power to decide on costs. Firms can no longer deny death claims after a three-year holding period

Real estate gets a regulator at last

Rera finally got off the ground in 2016. Though it is dealing with teething troubles and reluctant states, it still is a win for builder transparency and accountability

Health insurance gets a new life

PMJAY, the 5 lakh free cover for economically backward Indians, has pushed both insurers and hospitals towards fairer contracts, exclusions and transparency

More equity and tax-free NPS

In 2018, the equity limit of NPS was hiked to 75% and the tax-free component of the NPS corpus on maturity from 40% to 60%, bringing the product at par with EPF

Retail loans get a fair benchmark

Banks have gamed RBI efforts to pass on the policy rate cuts to borrowers. From October 2019, RBI has linked retail loans to an external benchmark that banks can’t game

Faster and safer stock markets

E-IPO made mandatory in 2012, IPO processing time down from 22 days to six. In 2011, Sebi started a centralized web-based investor complaints redressal system, SCORES

Source: livemint