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Tweet Buster: How is 2020 looking like for D-Street? Stocks to keep an eye on

NEW DELHI: Dalal Street showed strong performanxlce during the week gone by, mainly on account of positive news on the US-China trade front and good inflows from foreign institutional investors.

With the market ready to step into the last week of 2019, market honchos have started speculating on what lies ahead.

Sandip Sabharwal, an independent expert, said rural-focused companies could be in the limelight next year given the pick-up in commodity prices.

Rural focused Co should do well next yr as agri commodity prices have picked up after several years Typically rura…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1576817557000

Value investor Safir Anand said investors are not appreciating the companies, whose managements have stood the test of time. He advised buying those in smaller lots.

Many frontline companies are incredibly cheap in an environment of fear and pessimism. We are undermining the abili…

— Safir (@safiranand) 1576730164000

Commenting on the divergence between the market and the economy, Sabharwal is hoping that the recovery theme would soon start playing out in the market.

Data Shows that India is the fastest slowing economy in the world Stock Market movement shows that they anticipate…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1576653964000

Sabharwal also expects RBI to turn more hawkish next year in the light of a surge in oil prices and with inflationary pressures ticking up.

Crude Oil prices have stealthily moved up by 15% over the last 2 mths. Not good at a time when inflationary pressur…

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1576734111000

Sounding an alarm, Sabharwal said when market fundamentals delink themselves from economic fundamentals, the possibility of a sharp downside increases.

When market movements get delinked from economic fundamentals then possibilities of sudden sharp drawdowns increase

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1576741596000

Shyam Sekhar of iThought says benchmark hunting on Dalal Street would go away only if and when real performers take the centre stage.

FII’s Christmas party in indices will further make MF, HNI and PMS desperate for benchmark outperformance. Benchma…

— Shyam Sekhar (@shyamsek) 1576810275000

Source: Economic Times