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Year Ahead 2020: Top 6 most promising gadgets to look out for next year

From foldable devices to true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones and internet of things (IoT) products, the year 2019 saw several innovations that changed the technology landscape and raised expectations from products scheduled to come next year. There is still some time before we learn what 2020 has in store for tech enthusiasts, but there are some products — confirmed or spoken about by manufacturers — that offer a glimpse into what we could expect in 2020.

Business Standard lists top 6 gadgets that we should look forward to in the new year:

OnePlus ‘Concept One’ smartphone

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has confirmed that it will participate in the 2020 edition of Consumer Electronics Show, to take place in Las Vegas, US, from January 7. The company will showcase its ‘Concept One’ smartphone, which it says will “demonstrate a vision of both new technology and alternative design approach for the future of smartphones”. Though it may be early to make a guess as to what the smartphone would really offer, I am looking forward to this phone with no ports and buttons, like the Vivo Apex and the Meizu Zero.

Vivo Apex

Representative image: Vivo Apex
Motorola Razr

Motorola, now owned by Chinese electronics manufacturer Lenovo, will in 2020 launch in India the Motorola Razr, a bendable-screen smartphone based on the company’s iconic Moto Razr flip-phone (original). With a reprise of the Moto Razr, Motorola becomes the third company among popular mobile phone makers to bring a foldable smartphone with a bendable screen. The other two are Samsung and Huawei. However, the Motorola Razr is the only device that makes no big claim of being a smartphone and a tablet. Instead, it works like a smartphone irrespective of how you use it — folded or unfolded — and that is what makes it different from its counterparts.
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Motorola Razr, Moto Razr
Oppo under-screen-camera phone

First unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2019, Oppo’s under-screen-camera technology is expected to find its way into smartphones in 2020. The technology will allow the company to design smartphones with obstruction-free front profile and enhanced screen-to-body ratio as the placement of the front camera under the display will do away with the need for a cut-out or notch on the screen. In retrospect, Oppo was one of the first phone makers to bring in-display fingerprint sensor technology and elevate camera modules. In 2020, the company might repeat its history when it brings the first smartphone with under-the-screen selfie camera module.

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Oppo under-screen camera
iRobot intelligent mopping robot

Founded by roboticists at the US’ Massachusetts Institute of Technology, iRobot is a company with expertise in home robotic appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and floor-mopping machines. In 2020, the company is to launch a floor-mopping robot under its Braava series of machines. Being part of the iRobot ecosystem, this upcoming device will be equipped with the company’s imprint technology, which will allow it to work in sync with iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners. Besides, the device is expected to support the company’s robust automation app for remote access, and Amazon Alexa for voice command operations.

iRobot Braava 390T
LG 2020 UltraFine Ergo display

Part of LG’s 2020 Ultra series monitors, the UltraFine Ergo Display is designed for working professionals who spend a lot of time at their desk. The monitor has an ergonomically advanced arm-type adjustable stand that can extend outwards, be positioned close to the wall, be moved up to the eye level, or lowered to the desk. It can also swivel to face the opposite direction. The LG Ergo also replaces the conventional monitor stand-base with a desk clamp to free up more space. Besides, the monitor boasts a USB-C One Cable solution for 4K imaging, fast data transfers and charging through a single and convenient cable. Apart from the UltraFine Ergo, the LG’s 2020 Ultra series monitors also include the UltraGear and UltraWide monitors for gaming enthusiasts and content producers, respectively.

LG 2020 UltraFine Ergo display

LG 2020 UltraFine Ergo display
Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox, is set to get a complete makeover next year, both in terms of design and performance. The next-generation gaming console, called the Xbox Series X, is expected to come out in the last quarter of 2020, along with an exclusive set of gaming titles. In terms of design, the console will depart from the conventional Bluray-like form factor to a tower-shaped design which will make the device look like a miniature PC or air purifier. Though the exact hardware and specifications of the Microsoft Xbox Series X are not yet known, the company promises that its graphic performance will be twice as good as the Xbox One X.
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Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Source: Business Standard